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Sunshine and Lollipops Guild Charter


· A sense of chivalry (call it fair play, honesty, decency)

· A willingness to actively participate in the guild. 

· An easy going nature 

· A sense of humour

· A maturity in outlook (if you “pwn lotz of ppl” you should move along.)


There are a few simple things we expect in Sun. & Lolli.'s with regard to behaviour.

Whether in guild or out we expect our members to treat ALL players with honor and fairness. If I or any Officers get complaints about nastiness from those inside or outside of guild action will be taken. Simply, treat others well, and they shall do the same for you.

Tolerance and kindness toward others is expected at all times. The game is a place for all members to relax and have fun. Religion, politics, age, gender, sexual orientation are irrelevant and no one should be hassled for their position in any of the former. Humor is fine and appreciated, and best when none are hurt by it. If unsure how your comment was taken, a simple /w “I am sorry, I was only joking, did I offend you?” will usually resolve things and let you know where you stand. 

We expect that lower level characters will make an effort to level themselves, help is always appreciated and reciprocated, so feel free to ask for help/assistance from higher level characters if you need it. As long as it is not every time you sign in Guild members will often be more than happy to help. Ask for help on instance runs on website, and have all of the quests required for that instance.


Lollipops and above can currently recruit. If you have someone you wish to invite to the Guild then please forward their name to one of these people. While we prefer to invite real life friends and family, we understand that online friendships are often vital and real, and the you would like to play with those you are close to. :)

Note on Raiding

Many of us have worked long and hard in game to get to the place where we can run high level instances and raids. Much of our guild time is taken up with tryng to get requirements met, and approriate gear for these events. Please be considerate of this, after all at some point you too will be 70 or above and working toward the very same things.


Within Sunshine and Lollipops nobody is required to help you. Overt pressure to group or instance can lead to bent feelings. It is always ok to ask for information, or help, but you must be prepared for the possibility that none will be available at the requested time, or in the form you are expecting. Helpful websites abound, eventually asking for assistance on, or be moaning every single quest will ensure that your requests will not be taken seriously. We expect our members to be polite, and kind, and help out when they can, but they should not be harassed or cajoled into assisting. As an aside...those that help others often find get the most help in return. 

Grouping can be a blast, and as long as everyone’s needs (i.e.; quests, obtaining mats, etc.) are being met everyone will feel satisfied.

Lastly, We expect friendliness in guild chat and elsewhere. Also a simple greeting, and a little effort to get to know another, can really brighten someone’s day! 

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Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Saerenity, May 24, 10 1:35 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
We recruit based on friendliness of player!
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